Who we are

We are independent

Crescent Capital is an independent asset manager. Our independence allows us to co-operate freely with any developer, sponsor, co-investor, lender, and equipment supplier.

We are first-movers

Crescent has launched the first Turkey-focused energy equity fund. Being pioneers in our sector provides us access to a large number of investment opportunities.

We are on the ground

Our core team members are based in Istanbul, at the centre of our target investment geography. Crescent’s local knowledge and presence is a major asset in sourcing, executing, and implementing investments.

We know our sector

Substantial sector expertise is crucial for investing in energy and infrastructure assets. Key members of Crescent have spent most of their careers successfully financing and implementing energy projects.

We have first-class investors

Our institutional investors are the leading financiers of energy and infrastructure projects in our region. Their own sector expertise and ability to provide additional debt and equity financing as needed creates a competitive advantage.

We work with top engineering firms

We have long-term relationships and work with the world’s leading engineering firms who support us on all aspects of a project’s detailed technical due diligence, technical design, contractual arrangements, implementation, and supervision.