Focus on assets with long-term stable cashflows

We are completely dedicated to energy and infra assets with long-term stable cashflows.

We build and/or acquire clean power generation projects and operate them with our dedicated financial and technical teams both at plant and HQ level.

We also source and structure equity and shareholder loan take-outs in large-scale transport concessions and healthcare PPPs which provide 10-25 year cashflows with limited forex, inflation, and off-take risk.

Our ability to acquire and manage assets, and the yield compression in the sector allow us generate attractive returns for investors with structured and limited downside risk.

We scrutinise each investment opportunity with in-depth technical analysis and due diligence working with leading engineering firms globally.

We are able to consider both straight equity, mezzanine, or convertibles opportunities. We are able to structure managed-accounts for a single investor or a small club of investors.

We are flexible with regard to ownership stake: full control, majority, equal partnership, or minority positions are considered depending on each investment opportunity.

We are not limited with transaction size due to our access to large-scale funding sources.